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Top Class Home Theater System

We bring to you the best of sound systems through “CineFocus” with the aim of rendering theatrical experience home. CineFocus in Coimbatore and Chennai has been serving clients with a wide range of top-class home theater systems since 1999. We are branched at highly developing cities of Tamilnadu, at Chennai with Mr.Ismail and Mr.Razack as the directors and Coimbatore lead by Mr.Sanjaay and Mr.Anand.

The Audio industry is drenched with new brands and products to deliver high-quality acoustics. Cine Focus is a place to harvest the experience of fullness to the overwhelming audio enthusiasts around.  Build your dream home theaters by configuring your audio rooms selecting the finest speakers and screen to unveil the outstanding sound dispersion patterns in your environment.

How Unique Are We?

Our focus is to meet your expectations in design, technology, and performance and even exceed your outlooks. Browse through our products and you would be able to find the perfect choice. Our curated brands and products are brought in to meet your stringent requirements. You can assure for the outstanding quality for all the products we offer. We thoroughly test new products that come into the market and choose the best of them to give our customers at the best rates. Cinefocus is here to deliver the best home theatre experience in Coimbatore and Chennai.

Whether you prefer online or walk-in to buy our products we showcase them in a simple yet organized way to make your choices easier. Our expert consultants can pitch in and can walk through every detail of the products with demonstrations. We design and deliver customized home theaters for your needs. Cine Focus has experienced and trained installers and technicians to install your media rooms to distribute the best audio quality you expect.

Gone are those days when movie seekers rush to a movie theatre to watch their favorite movie. Now due to the emergence of a well-equipped and highly designed Home Theatre, we can enjoy the movie experience happily. To get a perfect home theatre we need a perfect spacious home to décor. And cine Focus, Home Theater in Coimbatoreprovides you with a variety of home theatre equipment to pacify your home look. Home Theater Installation in Coimbatore is the perfect match for your perfect home theatre experience.

Install our best home theatre appliances to give your home theatre a perfect look!! Cine Focus being the best Home Cinema Installation in Coimbatorewill guide you better for your best choice. We are committed tofulfillingour customer needs and offering the best markable products to our customers to get ultimate satisfaction. The best home theatre needsthe best component features to give a great movie exposure.And we stand for our dignitary approach towards our clients clarifying their home theatre problems. Our well-versed and experienced technicians carry out their job in a versatile manner. Allhome theatre technical issues are handled by our well-learned professionals to give you the best results.

Cine Focus is a well-reputed and leading customized home theatre one-stop-shop. Dealing with a variety of all home Theatre sophisticated items for a full-fledged home theatre setup. If you are floating around to get the best 5.1 home surrounded sound system then Our Home Theatre 5.1 Price in Coimbatoreis a perfect match for you. Cine Focus is fine-tuned with giving the best Home Theatre Price in Coimbatore thinking within your pocket value.

We cover a wide range of surround Soundsystems with the upcoming latest model to add up a new taste to your home theatre set up. The surround sound system is a great add-on piece to any TV set up to give you a clear picture sound to pacify your movie mood. Cine focus offers you the best surround Sound System in Coimbatorewithin your asking price.Your waitingcomes to an end here!! our Best Surround Sound System in Coimbatorecomplies with perfect feature components to give a better feeling of awesome experience when you view any blockbuster movie for your happiness.

Our surround sound system is outstanding for its best features

  • High demand for Dolby Atmos experience
  • Highly attractive feature with wireless compact soundbar
  • High modulated sound adjustment
  • Saves space without comprising on sound
  • Access via any electronic device like a smartphone, laptop, etc through Bluetooth connection
  • It creates an awesome sound experience.

When all home theatre set up is ready!! And with a popcorn packet, you all with your family member prepare to view a thriller movie. Suddenly you noticed something wrong with your sound system. Then your expectation to watch your favorite movie goes into the vein. Here comes the role of our Cine Focus Target Home Theatre Service Centre, we provide you best home theatre solution guide on how to fix your home theatre sound system in a pro manner.

Our expert is well proficient enough to deliver the right home theatre solution to our prestigious customer needs. We are estimably well-versed knowledgeon solving all technical issues found in your home theatre set up to give a picture-perfect theatre experience.

Our experienced technicians have certain basic principles dealing strategy to make our clients happy

  • Make ground-level evaluation for each home theatre set up
  • Try to make customers worthy appearance when it comes to products installation
  • Give best products with customer satisfaction
  • Products standability lies on our product credibility
  • deal with A-class products with super brand visibility


To make Cinefocus the prime name for premiering all grand indoor spaces and rendering the finest details of audio-visual impacts with the elite brand of products.


To deliver topnotch customizable home theater experience to passionate customers from both residential and commercial galaxies.
To serve our patrons with professional installation at the right time and affordable rates.

Happy to Serve

We are most gratified in serving our clients with the best we can possibly do. It is our clients who speak volumes for us and we take pride in serving turnkey projects to celebrities like Music Directors Mr. Harris Jayaraj and Mr. A.R. Rahman, Actors like Mr. Vijay and Mr. Rajinikanth, and Business magnets like Mr. Ambani’s Sister – Kothari Chemical groups.












Highly Customizable

Over the past years, our dedicated experts have been delivering high-quality technology solutions with the best calibrations. We properly set up equipment that is equally important to the products purchased. As you purchase products with Cinefocus, it is indeed, a great choice and a smart investment.

From a widescreen ultimate home theater set up with a space to enjoy movies, gaming, music, and sports; to custom-built media home experience to double up the joy at billiards and poker rooms, we discretely design according to the client’s requirements. We also give the best of our knowledge in spacing and fixing the audio setups appropriately for the needs.  With our right way of installations, we make a truly immersive cinematic experience.

With our experts, you would receive optimal power from the products brought. We guide you through the available options and get you explored. This will lead you to perceive both fine details and high effect. It is not just too hard, get in touch with us and we are happy to serve you with a breathtaking home theatre experience.

Modern Appearance

You have designed your home that looks so fab! We know your interests and tastes. Once you get the idea of bringing in the theatrical experience to your homes, we are just a click away.  You will not only be fascinated by the best audio quality but also captivated by the pleasant and outstanding look.  The world-class design tools are packed up with an appearance that sets up to the trend.

We can transform any awkward attic space into a sophisticated and modern creative home theater media room that can please our customers to the utmost level. We manage the entire room to set an awesome entertainment space with the results unaffected.

Our programs and installations can bring your senses the biggest impact. We really mean it, it is not just about audio effects but also visual pleasantness.

Dedicated Onsite Support

The root to the success of CineFocus is our team and their untiring loyalty towards the customers and their satisfaction. Since our first delivery, the expert dedicated team aims at providing the best customer experience. We are so thrilled to present you with the world of home entertainment with our commitment to what we do.

First, we get to understand the unique needs of the customers. Every individual has their own interests and aspirations, we don’t persuade you to divert your requirements. We customize and get what you need.

Next, we take up our step ahead to comprehend your environment and analyze keenly for the installation with stunning decors.

The ability to fix and maintain the products is the biggest and the most vital part of our support. We strongly believe in providing an exceptional customer experience, especially when something goes wrong.


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